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Here are a few unsolicited comments customers have made about us...

"Your grafted trees are a great value. Itís good to do business with you."

Bob Raymond,
Baton Rouge, LA

"I really appreciate the super fast shipment!!!! You have a first class operation.

I'll definitely be back."

Len Krajewski, Groton, CT

"Ken, I received the Japanese Maple and it looks great.

Do you have any more like it for sale? "

Rick Childs,
Orangevale, CA

"I am very pleased with my experiences at japanese-maple.com.

I am treated like a family member and not like a consumer."

Daniel Ray
Nashville, TN

"You offer excellent products at extremely reasonable prices, and it was a pleasure to do business with you."

Deja Hanson
Bellingham, WA

"Got my plants today. I am impressed. Thanks!!! I will be ordering more from you in the future."

Allen Armstrong
Tullahoma, TN

"The tree looks really good...
I will have to order again and the weeping ones.

Kelly Hurlburt
Deptford, NJ


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Maple Seeds

...You Get A Wide Variety of Beautiful,
Hard-To-Find Japanese Maple Seeds,
Seedlings And Grafted Trees Here
Discover Japanese Maples Not Found In Your Garden Center

Ken, Anna and Grafted Trees!

Dear Japanese maple tree enthusiast,

Are you like me - REALLY enthusiastic, even passionate about Japanese maple trees, but hate the limited selection available at your local garden center?

If so, you've come to the right place. Here you'll find the widest selection of Japanese maple seeds, seedlings and grafted trees direct from the grower by mail.

I've always been what my wife calls a "plant-aholic" and it was my own frustration at the limited choice of garden center trees that got me started in the nursery business.

Free 5-Part E-Course

"Growing Japanese Maples" is yours when you sign up for our free newsletter (see sign-up form at top of page). It's written to help you whether you are a new or an experienced grower of Japanese maples. It includes full cultivation instructions and maple seed germination 'nursery secrets'.

Choosing The Right Tree

If you're new to Japanese maples we'll help you choose the right tree for that special spot in your garden or for a container on your patio. Our seedling and grafted tree pages will help you decide on the right tree for your location. We help you choose the color, height and leaf style you prefer.

Japanese maple tree leaves may be either the typical 5 or 7-fingered shape or they may have deeply divided leaves - known as 'cut leaf', 'lace leaf' or 'dissectum' style. Click on images at top of pages for examples of each type.

Seedlings are young trees grown from our own fresh seed in our nursery. These may range from 3" tall up to 24" tall depending on time of year and age of seedling.

Each year we germinate thousands of seedlings - SEEDLINGS NOW ON SALE!!. Whenever possible we use seed from known 'named cultivars'. This provides you with the widest selection of seedlings to choose from.

Seedlings are usually available in one of two selections: red or green leaf forms.

Grafted trees are specially selected 'named' varieties of Japanese maples growing strongly on Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) rootstock for maximum quality and consistent characteristics. This is the way we guarantee your tree will be an exact clone of the orignal named tree.

Let us know if there's a tree you're looking for but can't see on the site. We often have named trees that are only available in limited quantities and so are not displayed online.

Happy Gardening Online and In Dirt!

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Ken Alston
Commonwealth Plants, LLC
Earlysville, VA

P.S. Fresh Japanese maple seed season is usually from October to April each year. Yezo nishiki and Red Pygmy seeds Now SproutingPrestratified seed now available.

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